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Do You Need a Replacement Key for Your Mercedes-Benz?

It never happens at a good time. You're rushing out the door, late for a meeting, or dropping off the kids at soccer practice and realize you can't find your keys. They aren't lost in the sofa or on your desk. They've seemingly vanished. 

Penske Mercedes-Benz of West Covina is here for you in those inconvenient times. We will order you a replacement key for your Mercedes-Benz. It's simple and efficient. This is all that's required:

Your Proof of Ownership
We won't give just anyone a key for your Mercedes-Benz. To place an order for a replacement key, you must bring your driver's license along with proof of ownership. That means your car title, your current state's registration, or any documentation the DMV would accept as proof of ownership. 

You Need to Be Here
To be sure it's for you, we require that you, the vehicle owner, are the one to be present when ordering your replacement key. It's another step we take to ensure it's for the car's real owner. 

You Must Prepay for the Key
We understand sometimes your key was just misplaced and you've found it after ordering a replacement. But because your replacement key is coded specifically for your car, it isn't returnable. That's why we require prepayment for all Mercedes-Benz replacement keys. 

Vehicle Must Be Present to Release the Key
At Penske Mercedes-Benz of West Covina, we want to make sure your key functions correctly before we send you out with it. When the key arrives here, we require your vehicle to be present to release the key. That way we can test to confirm it is fully functional. 

Programming May Be Required
Some Mercedes-Benz replacement keys require programming by our service center. If that's the case for your new key, we will complete the programming quickly at a time that is convenient for you.

If you require a replacement key for your Mercedes-Benz, whether due to loss or damage, visit us at Penske Mercedes-Benz of West Covina. We'll order your replacement key to get you back on the road quickly.